We Bring Voice
To Your Stories

People care about stories. We believe that you can enhance the impact of your story through interactivity. Our mission is to help you share your story with the world.

Alquist Movies is an all-in-one tool for creating movies that contain voice interaction with conversational artificial intelligence or live actors, as well as story branching.

PF 2019

Short animated movie, which demonstrates the ability of our system to work with animated characters.

The Story of Alquist

Pioneering interactive movie, which features the first AI storyteller in the history of mankind (as far as we know). During this short film, the spectator can ask by voice questions about the Czech writer Karel Čapek.

Interactive Invitation

Invitation to the presentation of our team which features a dialogue with a robot and a live actor.

Voice-Based Dialogues

The most distinctive feature are voice-based dialogues. Your customers can talk to conversational artificial intelligence and learn more about your mission, vision or products thanks to it.

Story Branching

The decisions made by your customer can change the story of your interactive movie. It will lead them to unique new experiences.

Synthesized Voice

It would be costly and complicated to record an actor saying all the possible utterances used in the video. This is the reason why we generate voice directly from the text thanks to a text-to-speech technology.

Web And Mobile

You can reach thousands of customers through Google Chrome and Android. The movie can be exported into a web page or a mobile app.

Meet Alquist

The core of the system is the conversational artificial intelligence called Alquist. Alquist was the second place winner of Amazon Alexa Prize '17 and '18.


Do you think that your company and your customers could benefit from interactive storytelling?
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What if you describe your vision interactively?
What if you explain to your customers what you do using state-of-the-art technology?
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